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Samantha Bohrman writes quirky, laugh-out-loud romance for young adults and those saddled with the burden of adulting all day. When not writing or taking care of her three kids, you can find her sipping cheap red wine out of a coffee mug and binging on Netflix with her husband. Learn more at or procrastinate with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Teen & Young Adult

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Bittersweet Sixteen

As usual, Mallory's twin sister Blake knows exactly what Mallory doesn't want for her birthday. This time it's a wild and crazy, booze-fueled, no-parents-to-be-seen sixteenth birthday party. Before Mallory can flee the scene of crime, AKA party, she runs into her yearlong crush, Justin, the hot timpani player. (The entire French horn section has been crushing on him much to the detriment of the band's overall sound.) She throws all of her fears to the wind for the chance to play spin the bottle with swoon-worthy Justin. After all, he's been gazing at the horn section all year and she's pretty sure he likes one of them. With only five players, that means that there is a one in five chance that she is the horn-playing vixen who has captured his heart.