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Sara Lunsford grew up in the long shadow of the Big House at Leavenworth. She learned how to drive on the back roads behind the prison, and a camp inmate named Doc taught her how to play darts. She would frequently put on impromptu concerts in the Guard's Club while her parents organized events. As an adult, she now feels all those inmates should be given compassionate release for being forced to listen to her singing. She wrote her first story at a young age after watching The Exorcist--a terrible mash up about a possessed paraplegic who killed all of her friends, and after working in corrections herself, has gone on to write everything from instructional manuals and disaster plans to genre fiction.



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Tooth and Nail

He’ll never be caught unless someone takes matters into their own hands. When he’s sleeping soundly, so trusting next to me in the dark, I tell myself I’m a good cop. I’m no vigilante.
But I’ve been wrong before.

***First Four Chapters Preview***