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I love telling stories, and there is no greater thrill than hearing that someone has enjoyed reading about Pink Molly and the Hotel Aphrodite. Thank you for reading my tales, and I look forward to sharing more!



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Call-Back Blues

"Fresh and imaginative. Highly recommended."
~Ronnie Burch Woodhall author of Beyond the Trees

Word around town is that The Aphrodite hotel is a little... unusual. In this short story featuring Hotel Detective Molly Pinkerton, a trio of hopeful job seekers learn just how strange -- and dangerous -- the Aphrodite can be.

"Call-Back Blues" is a supernatural mystery set in the "Pink Molly" series, featuring a hard-boiled, high-heeled hotel detective who keeps order among the employees and guests of The Aphrodite. This story is the first in a continuing series of paranormal thrillers garnering interest from fans of urban fantasy and noir fiction. If you love mysteries with elements of horror and dark humor, the "Pink Molly" series is for you!