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Captain Hawk

Even the one-night stand was a mistake.

When an old friend’s daughter shows up at my security firm, I can’t believe how long it’s been. He used to show me pictures of his little girl when we were in the Army together, but now Cori’s all grown up and in need of help.

My comrade has gotten himself into trouble and is in need of a two man rescue team. Well, one man and one young lady. After a stressful mission, Cori and I have a debriefing session of our own, tucked away for the night.

But she’s not out of my life, or out of my mind. Especially not when I hear the bundle she’s carrying.

Captain Hawk is a short 10k word story. A quickie for when you don’t have much time. It features a soldier and a damsel who both need saving. There will be some trials, and there will be an HEA.


Colonel Neil


Major Destry


Punished by Coach

When Scott’s flagrant foul loses his team the big game, he knows he has a lot to make up for. He’s used to hitting it fast and hard on the field, but is he ready for Coach’s brand of down and dirty discipline in the locker room?

Scott is sure his hot and hunky Coach will have some hard and rough words for him when he gets called into his office.

Scott is ready and eager to please his coach. Can he make up for his error, or will Coach show Scott just how hard it is to play for his team?


Sorority Sissy

There are no rules against applying to a sorority – even if you're not a woman!

Jim is a straight man and a fresh arrival at the local college where frats and sororities have influence over every part of the school. His girlfriend threatens to leave if he fails to join, but Jimmy unluckily arrives late for registration and is looking at a bleak few years – when he gets a chance to make it right.

Jim applies, but he must go through the same rituals as the other pledges – exactly the same highly charged, body exploring rituals. He has to join the other young women as they complete their sexy tasks. He gets a makeover to mold him into the image of a sorority pledge and reluctantly does things – and men – he would never dream of while wearing clothes no woman would be seen in public in.


His First Hook Up

Patrick is completely new to the world of men.

He’s been on the internet looking, an now he’s nervous about his first meeting. Marcus is his opposite – he knews what he wants and has the confidence to take it. Patrick will experience something he could previously only dream of during his nights in solitude.

Will he overcome his nervousness? Will Marcus live up to his expectations? Will the night be everything he has dreamt about, or more?

PSA: This story contains a first time gay experience for a young man. There will be heavy petting, stroking, swallowing, and some serious back porch lovin’.


His New Body


Hunting Her Man

A naval officer and his wife indulge in a naughty habit.

What began years ago as a dare between husband and wife has metamorphosed into something much larger. Tabby has grown a pension for seduction. She likes picking up the hottest stud in the bar and luring him somewhere private...Her husband Sean likes watching her play, but he isn't content with just acting the voyeur.

Tonight they set their eyes their eyes on a young sailor. The cocky man in uniform is a handful, but Tabby knows how to handle her men.

Excerpt from Hunting Her Man:

Tabitha and Sean had repeated the scenario many times over the intervening years, honing their technique. Tabby was no longer naïve to the art of seduction. Neither was she unsure of herself. Years of playing this game had instilled her with a sense of c


High on Them Both

Two new roommates. One new experience.

Wide-eyed Jessica has just moved into NYC in a spur-of-the-moment decision. She finds an awesome apartment share in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Her landlords are a cool, hip, artistic couple who own an amazing apartment. They make her feel welcome and share her excitement for the city.

To celebrate her first weekend in NYC, they throw her a little two on one party. It starts with homemade taco’s, but a few drinks and a hit of Molly for all, and they head to the private quarters for a hit of something else.

Loose and free, the threesome find their way onto the bed – and onto one another. Jessica’s body is put into overdrive as the couple team up on her – and it’s pleasure for all.

PSA: This story contains a first time ménage experience for a young woman.


Lost Innocence


Make Him Pay

How far would you go for revenge?

Dominique catches her cheating boyfriend in their bed with another woman. She reacts in deadly fashion, ready to do away with them both. Cocked and ready to pull the trigger, she decides to hurt him in another way.

He isn’t the only one who get a lay whenever he wants.

Running from the desire to commit a terrible crime, she heads for the arms of another man.


Bear Season

Brody is trying to make his way home for Christmas, but he’s leaving his heart behind.

It’s been months since he and Cole broke up, but he’s a hard man to get over. The break was inexplicable. They were solid. In love. But Cole had always been hot and cold. He’d be sweet then distant.

Never sure if it was his nature as a bear shifter or his nature as an alpha, Brody took it hard when Cole abruptly cut off their relationship.

But in this small town, it’s impossible not to run into him again, and Brody finds himself stranded on a cold, blizzardy Christmas Eve with the man who broke his heart.

Will the two work out why Cole thought his shifting ways would tear them apart? And will Brody run from his heat or embrace it?


Removing Her Innocence

Lexi had one last thing to do before graduation day. Lose her innocence.

She was determined not to leave college with it intact. Clubs, booze, and dancing had never been her thing – maybe that’s why she didn’t get out much, but, her friend was ready to help her have one hell of a night—she’d even invited the man of the house.

Royce was everything Lexi wanted, but they had known each for so long, and how could she possibly him what she wanted? She doesn’t have to. Royce is happy to take his little brat in hand and show her the way. The man of the house knows how to make an innocent young lady scream for more.


Primal Needs

We all have a deep, primal need.

Somewhere in rural South England, there is a path off the main road. Along the path, a group of otherworldly draconic beings have made a settlement. Due to a flaw in their cloaking magic, this path appears to those who are deeply in need of something.

Sophia needs to get laid.

And the alpha needs a mate.

A primal dance ensues, the entire pack taking part as the drums beat and the clothing disappears. Sophia’s need is satiated in front of the entire assembly, but they are not pleased with their alpha choosing a human.