I'm Steve Savage. Author, Agile Practitioner, Project Manager, and Professional Geek! Glad to meet you!

What do I do? I create books to help people do more and create more and understand more. Such as:

CAREER BOOKS FOR GEEKS - You've got your geekery, you've got career potential!

CREATIVITY - Helping you dream more - and making it a reality.

CULTURE STUDIES - Let's understand our geekery together!


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Way With Worlds Book 1: Crafting Great Fictional Settings (SAMPLE)

Creating fictional worlds is fun - but making memorable, effective ones is often challenging. How do you make something that doesn't exist, make it real enough people enjoy it, and make sure it endures, grows, and keeps making sense to your expanding audience?

Way With Worlds offers you a helpful guide to being a better worldbuilder. From basic theories and principles to guide you, to intense discussions of sex, ecology, and culture, you'll take a tour of the best ways to make places that never were. When you're done, you'll have a grasp of worldbuilding that will make sure your fiction is as memorable as fact.

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Fan To Pro: Leveling Up Your Career Through Your Hobbies (Second Edition Sample)

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You're dedicated to your hobbies and passionate about your fandoms. You wonder how you can take those experiences and use them on the job - or make them the foundation of a career. But you're not sure where to start, what to do, or even what's possible.
This is your handbook to getting started, getting active, and making the possible real.

"Fan To Pro" is about taking a new look at your fandom, realizing what you can do with it, and then putting your hobbies to use in your career. This is your guide to using hobbies in your livelihood, whether you're just starting out or if you're an experienced professional.


A Reader's Guide To Avenoth

Do you love detailed worlds? Enjoy worldbuilding? Welcome to the solar system of Avenoth, home of humanty, magic, gods, and at times a disturbing amount of teas.

This is a free guide to the setting of the techno-fantasy adventure, "A Bridge To The Quiet Planet." It's not just a detailed guide, but an example of the fun you can have with worldbuilding, and an excellent companion (or introduction) to the novel.

Gear up, get ready, and journey to the Twelve Great Cities, the demon-prison of Pandemonium, the grave-world of Godsrest, and more . . .


Her Eternal Moonlight - Sample

(This is a Sample of the full book)

To many people, especially those who joined the fandom in the late ‘90s, Sailor Moon is synonymous with anime. The show burst onto North American televisions like a supernova of color and character, bringing all things Japanese front and center in Western consciousness – and creating a devoted fandom that persists to this day, changing the lives of young girls and women.

But just why did this magical girl phenomena have such deep, abiding impact on so many female fans in North America? Why did it succeed when the odds seemed stacked against it, and why does this love persist? Join authors Steve Savage and Bonnie Walling as they take you on a tour of just how powerfully Sailor Moon affected the girls and women who discovered it. Taken from interviews


Steve's Personal Agile

Want to get more productive? Steve Savage shares his tips for using Agile methods in your personal life! Calling on Scrum techniques (with his own tweaks), Steve lays out a simple, powerful way to get more productive - without overwhelming yourself!


(Sample) A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: A Tale Of Dead Gods And Living Stories

Goddesses can send you email, demons skulk on a distant prison-world, and the most popular soap opera is about sorcerers with great hair. Welcome to the planets that orbit the star Avenoth, where the most valuable lesson is . . .

Learn History or Become History

Sorceress Marigold and technic Scintilla made a living recovering strange artifacts and forgotten history on the world of Telvaren. On a planet of ancient magic and strange science, scarred by old wars and blessed by internet-using gods, there was a lot of past to dig up. It wasn't the safest job, but it was the fastest way to earn their teaching certifications, until a bookseller with a collection of very rare books made things unsafer . . .

Enjoy this free sample of the first Chapter!