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T.K. Thompson is author of YA fantasy series, The Dark Eve, epic adventure packed novels with an endless amount of fun. She also enjoys co-staring in The Ride Home Review Podcast, where film pundit Dustin Thompson and she do their best to improve movies by rewriting the story on the fly.

She's a huge fan of Thrillers, Genre Movies, Dancing with the Stars, Stranger Things, and Gerard Butler…sing to me, Phantom. She loves chocolate milk…mmm…good, steak, and I am pretty sure she eats a whole Costco apple pie in December.

As a mother of three awesome children, T.K. is usually helping out with homework, dropping kids off at (dance, gymnastics, and soccer), or cooking some awesome concoctions with her hubs. Thank you Food Network. She loves writing entertaining reads filled with deep characters and stories littered with twists and turn leaving everyone on the edge of their seats. She dabbles in sewing stuff…note it doesn’t always work out. She is a fierce writer with Netflix always playing in the background. A girl has got to have some noise in her life.



Teen & Young Adult

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Beldagar: A Dark Eve Story

Beldagar grew up experiencing strange premonitions within the dark gold mines near his primitive village. The only break in his life comes at a festival for the gods where he meets Rose. When his life feels like it is finally altering, a cursed sorceress comes revealing his fate and foretelling Rose’s death. He must choose the sorceresses deal or take matters into his own hands. But, what if the final cost is murder?


The Dark Eve: A New Recruit

The Pirate Queen is staked into a deal by the powerful Wraith King to find a fabled soul-controlling pendant to barter for her sister’s life. Acantha must settle as the pawn in order to ensure the protection of her family’s secrets, which could lead to their annihilation…. She undertakes a way to save her sister’s life, protect her family’s secrets, and keep the Wraith King from enslaving the souls of mankind, plunging the world into darkness. A dangerous road that grants the power over life, death, and reveals her destiny.