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T. Mason Gilbert is a humorist by nature. Before writing novels, he had written screenplays, sitcoms, and jokes for other stand-up comedians. At one time, he was a sidekick for a well-known Los Angeles radio DJ doing impressions on air (Jack Nicholson, Rodney Dangerfield, and Woody Allen to name a few), and producing a live show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

His first novel, The Sacrifist, is an action-adventure story about the hunt for a vicious yeti that is killing climbers in the Himalaya. All of his short stories, which span every genre, are available for free at Amazon and other online retailers. His novel, "Poker: A Sex Comedy," is soon to be published by Anagram Press under the pseudonym Gretta Sinblom.


Science Fiction

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The Sacrifist

A trail of blood, expert trackers, and a bloodthirsty beast.
A seasoned climber vanishes while scaling the deadliest mountain in the Himalaya, leaving only a trail of blood on the snow. Expert trackers follow the trail but soon become the prey of a deadly beast. As the bodies pile up, the hunters find that the clues point to something extraordinary.