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Before They Were Old: Walter

When he is in his seventies, Walter will be called upon to use his power and save the world. In his life-long quest to find that opportunity, he joins the CIA and runs some of the most dangerous missions before the Cold War.

This short story gives exciting background to Walter as the CIA spy and is a fun lead-in to the first book of the Elderly Chronicles - Dorothy and the Cane of Destiny.

Included in this file are the first TWO chapters of Dorothy and the Cane of Destiny!


Dorothy and the Cane of Destiny

As a teenager, Dorothy was bestowed one of the legendary Powers of Destiny and told that she and her three friends were meant to save the world. But fifty-seven years later, they're still waiting.

Now older and crankier, they must unite their powers to save Earth from an evil force hell bent on enslaving mankind. Only one question remains...did they remember their diapers?

NOTE: This is only the first couple chapters - but I promise, you'll like it and the next two, all available on Amazon!