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Hi. Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve loved and practiced the art and science of "writing" my entire life. I've published and been recognized for both fiction and non-fiction, commercially and independently.

Another thing I love — no surprise, probably, to most of you who’ve found your way here — is reading. I’m an avid book fan and have been honored to work with, support, and learn from some amazing authors.

Both as a writer and a reader, my top genre love is what I often refer to as speculative fiction — that is, science fiction and fantasy, in all their many variations. My tastes are broad but it’s easy to note post-apocalyptic SF / fantasy, dystopian SF / fantasy, historical fiction, epic SF / fantasy, and technological SF / fantasy as top favorites in those fields.

Manifesting new worlds and telling characters’ stories has been my great and lifelong passion. I’m exceedingly grateful that it’s a passion that has provided some of you out there with some entertainment and even some inspiration. Thanks for letting me know about that: I truly appreciate it. Keep on reading!


Science Fiction

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AMERICUS • High Road Cross

Sample Chapter 1 + Extras!
100 years after America split apart, is one lone outcast the world's last chance at peace? New post apocalyptic fiction from award-winning author TS Vale.

In a war-torn post apocalyptic America, Bill does not have a choice. To save what he loves, he must find and stop a deadly transhuman soldier gone rogue — his own biological father. And for that, he must become what he despises.

"... completely hooked ..." – JC Andrijeski, USA Today bestselling author
"... smart dystopian fiction that entertains AND makes you think ..." – Ruth Nestvold, international award-winning author



The Matrix meets Game of Thrones: The Darkcrasher Saga begins.
• An intense new series by award-winning author TS Vale.

Isolated by his power. A man whose love can kill. Heath of the Hadrak magi believes he stands alone against the destroyers of mind and renders of flesh his people know as wizards.

What he believes is false. But the madness-inducing truth lies trapped in darkness and betrayal is the last hope left to him. Unaware that he may have an ally from another world, he does the only thing he can: he risks everything he has to stop the horror to come.

Weapon. Pawn. Lord. And slave. Heath must become the darkness in order to save the light.

And then he must shatter worlds.