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After serving his country in the US Army, James Patrick spent more than ten years serving as a Department of Defense and Department of State contractor throughout the Middle East to include Kuwait and Iraq. Contractor by day and writer by night, he has worked hard to author work that would entice and entertain his readers.

A student of history and politics, James attempts to bring a great deal of reality and sense of authenticity to his characters. Characters that become more to you than just the words on a page. Compelling stories that do more than simply entertain, but also a reason to laugh, cry, and in some cases want to scream.


Science Fiction


M.D. Fryson

Cover is awesome! Nice to see something different

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The Rise of Juan Chavez - Extended Preview

Juan Chavez, the ruthless Miami Drug Lord you met in the novel Ashes Will Fall. You know what he did to Nick Ruben; throwing Ruben’s world into chaos by taking away everything he held dear. But how can a young, twenty-something from Mexico, come into Miami and take over the city’s cocaine trade in a few short months? You now have the chance to see his rise to power. Backed by a powerful Mexican Drug Cartel, Chavez makes it look easy. Dealing with the dark and volatile drug underworld of Miami gangs, he becomes the most ruthless drug lord the city has ever seen. This is his story.


Ashes Will Fall

Nick Ruben is a man that has it all. That is until his wife and children are murdered in cold blood due to a mistake made by Anthony Lazo, his best friend. Miami-Dade County S.W.A.T. Christian Jones teams up with Ruben to hand out their version of vigilante justice against the drug czar Juan Chavaz, a man that has played havoc on both of their lives.


Rudy's Rangers - Story 1 - Warm Welcome

In Western Afghanistan, a place where chaos rules and the Taliban has all the control. Successful military operations in the area have been few and far between. Traditional units have failed time and time again to secure the region. As a result, US military leaders have decided to up the ante. A higher tiered, highly trained unit is needed.
The mission is clearly stated; establish a foothold and gather intelligence in the advance of the arrival of the 10th Mountain Division. The question remains however, who could execute such a mission? For Army commanders however, the answer is simple; the Third Ranger Battalion.


Vega: Orc Slayer - Story 1 - Let's Do Shots

In a world filled with fantastical creatures, humans live a life of destitution and forced servitude. Under the oppressive yoke of the orcs, humans run the factories, farms and do any tasks the orcs demand. Beatings and outright killings are an aspect of normal life.

One man will be shown the way of the warrior, forged in the crucible of battle, he will become the man destined to save them all. Hunting orcs in the places they feel safe, he brings death down upon any who enslave his people. He is Vega, and he is, the Orc Slayer.