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Theresa Mikita Lepiane was born in Tarentum,Pennsylvania in 1958. She has homeschooled four children: Mary, Vincent, Isabelle and Elizabeth while running a Thoroughbred horse farm and working on the internet at various endeavors over the years. Animals have always been a part of her life: mostly dogs and horses and she started college in veterinary medicine. Ms Lepiane graduated with a B.S in Education from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, 1982. She taught second grade and then middle school for a while before her oldest daughter was born. Currently, she lives on her farm with her youngest daughter, 3 shelter dogs, Dozer, Pumpkin and Pup Pup, too many cats and ghost horses.

Writing has always been her passion.

Her first book, How to Work at Home with a Toddler was inspired by her own necessity, as was her second book, How to Stop the Sibling Wars.


Education & Teaching

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