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Blogger Tia Truthteller is a wife and mom who is committed to supporting modern young women with traditional values. Her mission is to share her personal relationship "truths" so you can date to get the committed relationship you crave. Her biggest a-ha moment came when she discovered that sometimes you've got to remove yourself as an option for a man to realize that he wants you. This, combined with her informal schooling in male psychology (a.k.a. her 21 year marriage) has convinced her that understanding men isn't playing games, it's just playing smart! Her latest book "Dating on Purpose: an Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating is available in kindle and paperback at


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How Do You Get a Man to Commit? Give Him a Reason!: The Men's Commitment Formula

The mission of this mini ebook is to arm young women with the information you need to get the quality relationship you dearly desire.
You'll learn:
*The Men's Commitment Formula
*How to show up as a Woman of Substance
*The 3 things that cause us to gloss over signs of emotional unavailability
*Why relationship titles matter
*The difference between a physical and an emotional connection
*The talk you need to have to avoid walking onto a relationship treadmill that goes nowhere
*Why being the nicest and "chillest" of them all may not get you the commitment you dearly want