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Born on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, Tikiri spent her childhood in the savannas of Southern Africa, and has lived and worked in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. She recently revived her passion for books, and is dedicating the rest of her life to empowering marginalized young women around the world, so they may have the same opportunities she has been lucky to have.

Books, to her, were an escape from a volatile childhood, opening doors to adventures, possibilities. It was books that inspired and empowered her, and guided her through life’s obstacles. Today, she writes to entertain, but more importantly, she writes to inspire young women around the world to live their lives to the fullest.

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Other (Nonfiction)


Rebecca Janet

nice cover :)

Elsa Joseph

I will be claiming this book. Gorgeous front cover.

R.F. Kristi

An interesting and spell-bounding read!

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The Fear Buster

Is there a difficult conversation you’ve been dreading to have for the past few weeks?
Do you have a big decision coming up that breaks you into a sweat to even think about?
Are you having to choose between two or more alternatives but feel too paralyzed to decide?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this booklet has been designed for you.

If you want to reel in your anxieties, get over your fears and tackle the biggest decisions you’re facing in your life right now, the tools in this booklet will show you how. There are three decision-making tools here that will help you take the emotions of anxiety, fear, and worry out of the decision equation and help you make the choices you need to make with clarity and confidence.


Beginnings - prequel story to the Red Heeled Rebels suspense series.

How would you like to go on an international adventure without having to buy an airline ticket or get a passport?

This is the beginning of a suspense saga that will immerse you in exotic locales, fascinating cultures, and mouthwatering food from around the world. If you like gripping stories with non-stop globetrotting action and complex twists that leave you at the edge of your seat, you’ll love this series.

All Asha wants is to belong. Born of parents from two different countries and living in a third, she's always the foreigner, the outcast no one talks to. The day she commits a crime in a desperate bid to gain trust and keep a friendship, her whole world collapses in a fiery crash. Will this be the end of her life? Or the beginning of an unthinkable new one?