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Gothic Fantasies

Two Gothic Fantasies
Tony Walker
Dark Fairytales

Two Stories of Tainted Love Set in the Wild Wood

A pretty young woman meets a handsome woodcutter...

An arrogant young man meets a dark queen...

Tales of dark romance dealing with tainted love and seduction.

Set in a fairytale forest of dark fantasy, this book will transport you to a world of haunted pools, secret castles and mysterious lovers. A place where, love, betrayal and falling for the wrong person lead to a new knowledge of the nature of desire.

˃˃˃ The Flower Woman:

18 year old Rebekkah runs off against her parent's wishes to live in the wild wood with Gowan Fell. People say he is not a good man but Rebekkah ignores all their advice. She wants to be independent from her parents and puts her trust in the gods of the water and



Haunted Houses

Five stories about haunted houses in California, Scotland, Germany and Cumbria previously published singularly. Now all together for extra value.

The Lighthouse: Nadia and Sam take a vacation let in a lighthouse on the California coast. They find some old books and Nadia becomes fascinated by what they promise. Enmeshed in black magic, she wants to call something from beyond this world. Sam has to choose saving her and saving himself.

The House in the Forest: A hitchhiker, a rainy night. A wicked old house. Once you get in, you may never get out.

The Haunting: A man makes a lot of money and takes a house on an island on a lake. Once he's there he and his family can't get off the island. He doesn't heed the warnings and then something evil comes to haunt them.

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