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Trilby Plants, a Michigan ex-pat, writes for children and adults. She is a proud member of the South Carolina Writers’ Association (Formerly Writers’ Workshop), She lives with her sports junkie husband in Murrells Inlet, SC, where she writes, knits and creates video book trailers for authors. She also writes creepy, dark fantasy.

Nancy Tucker, a Michigan native, now lives in Northern Michigan with her husband and two dogs. She writes fiction, non-fiction and dabbles in poetry. Her favorite color is purple, or sometimes red.



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Double Danger Sample

A woman terrified of firearms....
A man who carries a gun....

Alyssa Mallory crashes into Nick Trammel’s car and is plunged into a roller coaster adventure. Her home is ransacked. Two men shoot at her, and Nick forces her to go with him into the wilderness of northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, running from the men who Nick says will kill both of them to get information they believe he has. But he doesn’t know what it is they want. Alyssa and Nick find themselves in a desperate race against time to figure out why they are targets. Complicating matters is the emotional threat of falling for a man Alyssa knows is dangerous. Alyssa is faced with a terrible choice, one that could save her life, but might
cost her the man she loves.