Hi there, I'm Trisha A. Lindsey aka Ronin Schtihl Daire, I speak my books into being with speech-to-text software, modern technology has freed my muse! It takes a lot of time for me to craft my books.

As such, Books 1-9 in the Josef and Blair Series are already completed. You can find them all on Amazon. I am up to Book 6 in the Pharaoh Memnet Series. Recently, Luz Maria: Dia De Los Muertos was released to accompany One Last Mission, as a new, standalone series. As these books are converted to softcover, they will no longer be available as EBooks.

A recent KDP Amazon change in policy has led to small authors like myself not being paid for books sold in a timely manner, if at all. If readers download a book and do not read a certain percentage the author is not paid for the entire book. However, Amazon does NOT refund the customer, and the author simply is not paid. In addition, many authors books are being downloaded and placed on mirror sites where they are available for free, and you must literally climb Mount Everest to get those webmasters to remove your copyrighted work. As such, I am sorry, but I am forced to go to Createspace, where my current and future works will be available only in softcover. You will find many, many authors going this route in the future, as 75 percent of authors use KDP, all of us are not huge booksellers. I apologize in advance for having to take this drastic step, but I spend a lot of time speaking my books into existence, I cannot waste my time in such a manner.

I am an Air Force Brat and I grew up mostly overseas in Madrid, Spain and West Berlin, West Germany. I get my ideas from History and Folklore.

There is always some component of Christianity in my works, as it is an integral part of my life. My characters are real, gritty and they face real life situations that are found in everyday life. Readers may find a bit of themselves in one of my series. I am a graduate of Berlin American High School in what was formerly West Berlin, West Germany. I attended college at Tennessee State University and was the first Writer/Editor of the Hubble Space Telescope Newsletter. I have been a stay at home Mom for these many years to her son Kiernan, niece Jasmine and daughter Kaylin, since I retired on Disability due to my Lupus.


Historical Romance

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