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Tristan Vick is the popular multi-genre author of the BITTEN Resurrection Virus saga, which includes BITTEN: Resurrection and its sequels. He is also the author of the comedic-paranormal-noir The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston and the epic fantasy Valandra: The Winds of Time Cycle (Book 1). In addition to being professionally published with trade publishers, Tristan continues to self-publish under his own imprint of Regolith Publications.

Tristan Vick graduated from Montana State University with degrees in English Literature and Asian Cultural Studies. He speaks fluent Japanese and lives with his family in Japan. When he's not commuting on the train or teaching English, he spends his time reading, writing, blogging, binge-watching his favorite television shows, and eating sara-udon.


Science Fiction

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The Scarecrow & Lady Kingston: Rough Justice

Weird is exactly how they like it.
John Scarecrow is a living, breathing, talking scarecrow with a heart of gold and has joined the LAPD to fight for truth and justice. Julie Kingston, a beautiful yet emotionally volatile cop with a penchant for bending the rules, is his partner. She doesn’t mind the fact that her partner is a scarecrow. In fact, she prefers it that way. Investigating a series of bizarre murders involving the violent homicide of upscale call girls, the assassination of a U.S. senator, and a series of death threats against one of Hollywood's leading ladies, they find themselves at the center of a notorious assassin’s web of murder and mayhem. When things get weird that’s when they get cracking.



The Chronicles of Jegra: Origins of the Gladiatrix of the Galaxy

Abducted by aliens. Made a slave to the Galactic Gladiatorial Syndicate. Injected with a serum that gave her She-Hulk like strength. Jessica Hemworth's life just got a whole lot more interesting.

In this exciting novella to The Chronicles of Jegra series, you will learn how Jessica Hemsworth found herself in the far reaches of the galaxy, how she rose to the status of Galactic champion of Arena City, and how she became Jegra Alakandra the Gladiatrix of the Galaxy!

Note: Contains some scenes of brutality. Brace yourself for the grindhouse-esque space epic with gladiators and aliens set in a part of the galaxy far, far away.



Valandra The Winds of Time Cycle (Book 1) Sample

The Twelve Kingdoms are under threat.
Arianna De Amato witnessed her master’s death at the hands of the diabolical Ashram. Acquiring the mystical sword, The Moon Blade, she gains the unique ability to guide and control the wind. Seeking revenge, Arianna hunts down those responsible for her master’s death including who, or whatever, is responsible for resurrecting Ashram from the afterlife. But she can’t do it alone. Enlisting the aid of her apprentice, Lisette Durante, in addition to a debonair thief named Leif Ericson, and a Dark Elf named Alegra Lockwiel, she embarks upon a harrowing quest which will test the limits of their friendship. But even with the help of her new friends, it still may not be enough to defeat Ashram and his army of the dead. (This is a 140 page sample only.)