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I was not fortunate enough to have been born to Welsh parents. Instead, my melting-pot American roots run to both Scotland and Germany. I did, however, find a nice American girl with solid Scottish ancestry to marry.

My interest in Fantasy literature began as an offshoot of reading Science Fiction. One of the first fantasy novels I read was Robert A. Heinlein’s Glory Road. From there, I graduated to J.R.R. Tolkien. Then I discovered the works of David Eddings, Glen Cook, Laurell K. Hamilton and R.A. Salvatore.

When I decided to begin a career in writing, Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, as well the works of R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt series made me want to combine vampires and dark fantasy along with a historical setting. I chose to explore Arthurian mythology.

Which led me to the Welsh tales in Y Mabinogi. And then I wished I was Welsh.

My wife and I, both of us from the midwest section of America, currently live in Los Angeles, California. Which is about as from Wales as one can get in the English speaking Northern hemisphere. I’m a retired journalist and professional photographer.

Now I write while sitting on our balcony with my fuzzy editor, Loco-Kitty.
I’m currently editing, writing, or dreaming up plot points for the Cup of Blood series of novels (sequels to The Penllyn Chronicles). When I’m not doing either of those, I hang out at the Santa Monica Pier and give historical walking tours of the pier.


Historical Fiction

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A Cup of Blood - Sample

Arthur is long dead. I'm undead ...
What does an ancient Celtic Goddess want with me?
Paranormal Dark Fantasy in Post-Arthurian Britain.

You would call me "vampire." I died when Augustus was emperor. I’m not evil. But the religious zealots, the Witch Hunters, want to kill me. Or worse...

So I run to Britain to escape their clutches.

But, the Witch Hunters are here too...

The fools. They believe they can torture and hold me. That hunger, the thirst inside of me is desperate. The more pain they cause with their silver knives the closer they drive me toward releasing my demon.

These idiots with their silver knives have me dangerously close to the point where my demon will rob me of control. When that happens ...


Penllyn, Bleddyn's Story: A Tale of The Penllyn Chronicles

Can he avoid war in the process of choosing?

Bleddyn’s duty is to Penllyn. Someday he will take his father’s place as Lord of the Penllyn. An unexpected thunderstorm, an old crone, and a game against Britain's most renowned king lead the young lord and his brother to aid a Lady in distress and turn away from meeting with his anticipated bride.

Marriage to Lord Fadog’s daughter, or strong-willed Lady Rhian, Bleddyn will have to make a choice that will affect not only his life but the future success of his people. Will his choice for the next Lady Penllyn lead his family and his people to war?

Penllyn, Bleddy’s Story is the first story in the Penllyn Chronicles, the prequel series to Troy A. Hill’s Cup of Blood Celtic fantasy series.