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Todd and Sheryl Sullivan writing as Tssully share their adventures while fishing in the Huron - Erie corridor of the Great Lakes. Novice and experienced fishermen alike will both enjoy their successes and failures and the learning experience that comes along with it, while fishing for multiple species. Whether you enjoy fishing in a lake or river environment, the reader can pick up some new techniques by following them along on their journey.

Read on as you learn how Todd and Sheryl's fishing adventures have enhanced their relationship as a couple, ultimately leading them along a path to start a charter fishing boat business catering to other couples. One of Todd's favorite sayings: "Sheryl catches the fish, fillets the fish and cooks the fish, I just drive the boat and eat the fish." Not too far from the truth and not a bad gig if you can get it.

After becoming lifetime members of St. Clair - Detroit River Sturgeon for Tomorrow, they spend most of the second half of the fishing season pursuing the majestic Lake Sturgeon, while taking other anglers out with them to introduce them to this species. The last chapter, written by Jim Felgeneaur, details his experiences from a lad to the formation of St. Clair - Detroit River Sturgeon for Tomorrow.


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