Victoria Lancer is a writer, a mother, a traveller and the proud owner of four well socialized pets, one cat and three dogs, one of which is a Pit Bull. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family and pets.

Trained in psychology and literature, she writes about many topics. She finds inspiration in every day life events, and through her extensive travels. But her pen’s focus is on those events that she personally encounters and that appear of pressing interest to others as well.

She has been dealing for several years with a number of family health issues, which is reflected in her most recent writings.


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7 Steps to Fight and Overcome Depression Naturally

Overcome Your Depression Without Pills

Imagine confidently stepping out into the sunlight, among your friends and associates, without fear or apprehension. Being normal again. With your spouse or significant other. Cured. Happy again!

You may be able to get there naturally, without pills.

It’s worth a try. It’s worked for others and it can work for you. It’s worked for members of my family.

In this book you will learn:

• How to get out into the sunshine
• How eating right can help make you better
• How to exercise to help overcome depression
• How to connect with people to live again
• How a pet can pull you out of depression
• How to be active to end your isolation
• How to love yourself

So go ahead! Overcome Your Depression Without Pills!



How to Train Your Pit Bull

If you want to learn about training a pitbull puppy so that YOUR puppy grows up to be that friendly and loving companion, and not be aggressive, then this is the book for you!

In a brief history of this most maligned of all dog breeds, you will learn the causes of the pitbull aggressive nature and how to manage it. Importantly, you will learn the psychology of training Pit Bulls as well as concrete training methods and procedures to follow. Using association learning, you will be able to shape your pet’s behavior through a dynamic mix of rewards and punishments. Thus, you will learn how to extinguish in your pet undesirable behaviors, as well as to encourage desirable behaviors, including tricks.


How to Deal with Sleep Problems: Help for Infants, Children and Adults

This book can help you deal with your sleep problems like insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, sleep problems in pregnancy, in infants and in older children, and more.

The book’s goal is also to have you appreciate that sleep is necessary for life and health. Missing sleep and thinking that it won't hurt you is a misconception that many people have. In this e-book, I bring out information concerning sleep problems and the impact they have on health and well-being.