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Walter Blaire writes science fiction stories about the Tachba, the Haphan Empire, and the interstellar CivGov in the Lines of Thunder universe. He is presently working on the third book in the series, which returns to Sessera and its precarious existence on planet Grigory IV. 

In the past, Walter worked with computers and taught college courses in intelligence analysis. Now he writes as much as possible, and to keep in shape he thinks about exercising.


Science Fiction

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Lines of Thunder: The First Days on the Front

Gole Naremsa is a raw recruit, new to the trenches of the eternal front. Despite a lifetime of training and a genetic inheritance that makes him a born warrior, it’s not what he imagined.

The enemy wants to kill him -- that’s to be expected. The Pollution wants to fight everyone in sight -- business as usual. The problem is that Gole's own sergeant wants him dead too. One blindly thrown punch, one minor accident with a noisy corpse, and now he’s an example for all the other recruits.

It’s shaping up to be a race between who will kill Gole first: the increasingly dangerous enemy or his own unit. At least the enemy isn’t rude about it.