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I write stories because I think stories matter. While "Totems" began as half personal dare and half rainy day downtime activity, I quickly began to realize that the characters and scenes coming together on the page meant something to me. And I hope they will to you, as well.

On the educational background side of things, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology and a Masters in Christian Worship Studies. I have long been fascinated by the complex worlds and characters of geopolitical thrillers and find that questions and conversations raised in both the arenas of psychology and theology have much to contribute to the human condition and the world we live in.

As a displaced Seattle native I am still a rabid Seahawks fan and lover of good coffee. My wife, Breta, and I have three amazing children, all off making the world a better place with the investments of their hearts, minds, and creativity.


Other (Fiction)

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Juarez Liberty: A Zeb Dalton Novella

Ciudad Juarez, MX: A flash of light. An opened cantina doorway. One tiny hand clings desperately to the frame, and the smallest hope of avoiding a now-certain fate...

Only sixteen weeks into his military career, US Army PFC Zeb Dalton lies slumped across a sticky bartop in the notorious Cantina Rosa. He’s here on a dare. That’s all about to change as Dalton witnesses an act so inhumane it stirs long-suppressed parts of his soul. Clearing his head will only be his first challenge. Inexperience and setting aside his own failings will prove the more daunting tasks as he attempts the rescue of innocents. Time is of the essence for six young girls. A scant few hours will determine their futures. Dalton had better get his act together, now.