I write thrillers and follow Mark Twain’s axiom, “Write what you know.”

My background is in broadcast media – was a composer for Sesame Street for four years; written, directed and produced documentaries and films for twenty years. With this, my books have a vivid visual and aural sense.

The characters are multi-dimensional. As a part-time military Chaplain, men and women share their pains, struggles of war, PTSD. And with a personal circle that ranges from drug addicts to post docs from Harvard, I have a wealth to draw on.

Each book has some Chinese element. I was born in Vancouver’s Chinatown, travel extensively throughout Asia and consult for government departments on Chinese issues.

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve got a Master’s of Music degree, Diploma in Creative Writing and a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies. When not writing, I play my 100 year old Steinway Grand Piano and roast my own coffee beans.


Education & Teaching

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RECRUITED introduces Rayna Tan, the first woman to ever lead a Special Forces Unit. It’s the story of how and why she left Canada’s secretive JTF2 to join Fidelitas, an even more shadowy organization as a covert operative. Smart—IQ off the charts. Lethal—more kills than Chris Kyle. Black belt martial artist. And vulnerable, sexy and complicated.

What are readers saying? "Rayna is fabulous... a female Mitch Rapp... a badass with heart... "


Evil Rises

Genesis of a Monster

Evil doesn’t just happen. Sometimes, the reasons are upbringing or environmental or genetic. When we encounter it, we ask, “Why? How?”

Cruelty, murder and torture are the hallmarks of Chin, a ruthless Asian criminal kingpin. How did Chin become like this? More importantly, will anyone be able to stop him?

With cold, unblinking precision, EVIL RISES takes you all the way inside the beginnings of this icy criminal empire. This prequel novella sets the stage for the Noah Reid series, packed with breath-taking thrills and international adventures from secret monasteries in China to the vibrancy of New York.