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I'm a m/m author based in fantastic British Columbia, Canada. When I'm not sprawling out in my hammock with a good book, I’m out on the boat enjoying all the wilderness that BC has to offer.

I used to be a mechanic working the big rigs in Northern Alberta, but I’ve traded in my tools for a laptop and I can’t say I’m looking back with too many regrets.



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What the Wolf Dragged In

Luke Redwood’s memory is full of terrifying blank spots. Though he longs to put down roots, he’s spent a decade moving from one town to the next, running betting games for a traveling carnival. One night, after some unhappy locals jump him, Luke is rescued by two men: compelling but inscrutable Gabe and his cousin Levi.

Ever since Gabriel Malone’s first pack was slaughtered by hunters, he’s been on the move, with only his fellow alpha Levi for company. They’ve settled down in Angel’s Rest, Oregon, but Gabe has no intention of starting another pack.

As Luke wakes up, his hosts are shocked. Luke seems to have no idea of his lupine identity or how to shift and he’s Gabe’s fated mate. Gabriel's alpha nature needs an omega. Can these two wounded men overcome their scars to start again?