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The criminal psyche is fascinating to me, and I have spent years studying psychopathic personalities. As a result, I've concluded that they are all around us, often masquerading as normal folk.

You only have to take a close look at the behaviour of some CEOs, politicians, banksters and other professionals to realize the truth. Especially those who have been caught running billion dollar Ponzi scams or lying about a dress...

Frankly, I'm far less interesting than the characters I invent, although I was asked by my original print publisher if I had been to prison as some scenes in 'Remorseless' suggested to him that I had!

I haven’t, but I got the impression he may not have believed me. After all, I am a consummate liar...

All fiction is, by definition, lies, so being an expert at making stuff up should be considered an advantage for a novelist!

It helps that I've worked in a wide range of roles, from 'gardening' the clinker filter beds at a sewage treatment plant and laboring on construction sites, to managing hundreds of sales staff across the UK and running a London based recruitment business.

I'm a Brit, but I've traveled widely - even studied at Harvard on an executive education course - and currently reside in Thailand where I did have a charter yacht business. (Long story!)

Creating fictional characters and setting them running through scenes conjured from your own imagination is exciting - especially when they choose to do stuff you don't expect or even want them to do!

These characters seem to come to life as I write - so much so that I was genuinely upset when I had to kill off one of my 'imaginary friends'! I know - it sounds pathetic, but then again Tom Cruise makes millions pretending he's someone he's not...




Eric Meyer

First class author of great British crime fiction. Remorseless is a real page turner.

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Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate Book 1)

A tense, disturbing British Crime Thriller full of suspense, intriguing twists and a double figure bodycount...

The first novel in a trilogy that'll thrust you deep inside the minds of some of the worst criminal psychopaths you'd never wish to meet.

In brief:

In this spine-tingling thriller, criminal profiler Doc Powers learns a psychopathic killer he helped put away is up for parole. Can Doc keep a madman behind bars — while hanging on to his own sanity?

(Full length novel c123,000 words)

Trigger warning: If you need one then this author is probably not for you...