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After serving in the US Navy Submarine Force as a mechanical engineer, Bill returned to California and launched his first career as a General Building Contractor. He attended UCLA, pursuing a BA degree in Anthropology, with a focus on animal behavior.

He designed and built environmentally friendly homes and advised community leaders about cultural and environmental impacts in developing rural areas in California and later on Cape Cod after moving east and returning to his home town in Massachusetts. He then enrolled at UMass-Dartmouth and received an MA degree in writing, with a focus on Fiction and Documentary Journalism.

While pursuing his graduate studies, Bill changed careers and began photographing and writing about nature and wildlife. An outdoor and nature protection advocate most of his life, Bill writes about and photographs the amazing and diverse world we share with life on earth.

His independent and collaborative research with wildlife organizations documents the connections between wildlife and culture, and its impact on the local environment and ecosystems. His wildlife, hiking and camping words and natural world images from across the USA have been published locally, regionally and nationally. He also edited several science books and documentary journals.

Bill relocated to Florida in 2010 where he lives with his wife – Genie - a nature and wildlife artist and author. He currently writes ‘Travel Trails’ nature articles and suspense / thriller fiction.


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