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Yen is a pseudonym primarily meant to protect the publicity shy real nature of the author in life. Unhinged by the perplexing nature of the path his life has taken, some of it chronicled here in this book, he set about trying to study the nature of the process behind the veil of reality. A possible clue of what might be happening is listed in his challenge to mainstream science through his co-released book “Is Reality Real”.

Yen is an independent researcher for the last 25 years, and a global wanderer for over 40 years. An avid lifelong learner and researcher, (he was featured in MIT’s, 2016 spring issue of ‘Spectrum’) he has delved into multiple branches of mainstream science, in order to flesh out a clue to answer the question “Who are we” and “What is this world that we see and know to be real. Is Reality Real?” He is also a Vedic researcher and an educationist. An intensely private person his other pastimes are astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and molecular biology. When he is not studying, he is mostly spending time with his pets, with nature and, with his family.


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