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I am the editor of my great aunt's work. Faye Martin Tullis stood by her friend, Myrl Adler Norton for nearly 50 years and chronicled many of their cases together. Murder, arson, burglary, blackmail and everything in between could be found between the pages of Faye's books and she was published in more than thirty countries. Today, all her books and stories are out of print. When I stumbled across that old manuscript in Faye's rolltop desk, I knew IN THE DEAD OF WINTER was a story waiting to be read. Since that first publication by St. Martin's Press, I've been dusting off Faye's Monographs. The first in print, DANCE OF THE SPIDER MONKEY, Monograph #1: Complicity, explores all aspects of that aspect of the human heart.

(In real life, I teach creative writing at Sinclair College, raised four amazing children, and write other stories, literary and romance, under Rebecca Morean.)


Historical Fiction

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The Other Side of Scandal

THE OTHER SIDE OF SCANDAL explains what happens after Sherlock Holmes hands Myrl the photograph of her mother, Irene Adler. This is a short account, derived from Faye's journals about a night Myrl came to see Faye to discuss matters which should not be discussed. Chronologically, the story comes between IN THE DEAD OF WINTER and DANCE OF THE SPIDER MONKEY.