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A.C. Nicholls is an urban fantasy author from the south-west of England. After studying fiction writing for many years, he then went on to write and publish over fifteen books on Amazon under his full name, 'Adam Nicholls'.

Since then, it's all been kick-ass magic and full-throttle fantasy stories with vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches and more. The first series (The Cardkeeper Chronicles) is currently being worked on at breakneck speed, so keep your ear to the ground for more books being published real soon!



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Forged Immortals: An Urban Fantasy Story

Magic, mayhem and monsters collide in this fast-paced, thrilling short story by A. C. Nicholls. Set thirty years before the events of STOLEN CHAOS, Keira Poe is plucked from her normal life and forced to train as Chicago's guardian. With a powerful threat on the horizon, the fight for her life may come sooner than expected, striking before she learns to defend herself and those around her.