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Women's Fiction

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The Plastic Face

The bar is set high, the load hard to carry. Paralyzed at the chore of being a good example for her younger siblings, Jessica cringes at her sordid life. On the surface her strength, success and wisdom are always aglow, but she knows what lies beneath it all. Will they still love and respect her once they know the truth? Can she count on their support through the upcoming trauma? Life is beautiful because they care for each other, until… there is always that “UNTIL”!


The Plastic Face Part 2

Jessie Solomon grew up with a mother and father that have a strong stable relationship that has outlasted most connections. Why is the oldest child of three flailing through her life and completely unstable? Why can’t she see the forest for the trees? Her two sisters Jelly and Jerry are progressing and succeeding in life with few issues but on every turn Jessie seems to hit a brick wall. When will her life come together and she can finally live happily ever after?
Then Darren tall dark and full of wonder, swaggers in to her life wanting to right all the wrongs that she’s encountered. He wants to be better than the husband she lost in an ATM robbery. However, he consistently falls short of any target he strives for to impress her. Darren has his own past to sort out, and as long as he keeps


Joy of Motherhood

The Joy of Motherhood is a first-person account of the life, challenges, and victories associated with raising young children alone. The author has compared the effectiveness of the process, to the small beginnings of the mighty Zambezi River, which is found at the base of a fallen tree, but opens up to the fourth largest river in the world, and provides life and sustenance to 40 million people. From small beginnings, with proper training, achieving positive results, in the life of one’s children is possible, but not without dedication, consecration to God and sacrificial living.


Through the Darkness ~ Stories of Hope

In a world where challenges multiply exponentially by the second, a group of women reach into their past pull out their inspirations and speak to the positive possibilities shrouded in ~ HOPE

Seven women, seven stories, seven reasons to believe
Hope Springs Eternal