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Adam Alexander Haviaras is a #1 Best Selling author of historical fantasy set in the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece. His novels are a rich blend of history, ancient religion, action, drama, and romance. His works include the Eagles and Dragons historical fantasy series, and The Carpathian Interlude historical horror series.

Adam is also an historian with an Honours B.A. and Master’s Degree in ancient and medieval history and archaeology from the University of Toronto, Canada, and St. Andrews University, Scotland. He currently lives with his wife and children in Toronto where he is writing another ground-breaking work of historical fiction.

As a youth, Adam fell in love simultaneously with both history and creative writing. Ever since then, he has endeavoured to meld these two passions to find the perfect balance of accurate historical fact and entertaining fiction.

He always tries to travel to the locations he is writing about and loves to share these experiences which he feels are essential to recreating the richness of the ancient and medieval worlds. You’ll find him talking about travel, writing, history, and archaeology on the Writing the Past blog on his website

If you like ancient history and fiction set in Greece or the Roman Empire, Greek and Roman mythology, or stories like Gladiator, Pompeii, and The Mists of Avalon, then you’ll love Adam’s books.

Adam is always happy to connect with readers, writers and those who love history in general. You can find him mainly on the Eagles and Dragons website, or on Twitter (@AdamHaviaras), Google+, on the Eagles and Dragons Publishing Facebook page, and Instagram (@adam_haviaras). Readers who sign-up for the Eagles and Dragons Newsletter can get a FREE book by clicking here:

If you have a question about ancient or medieval history, just ask Adam. He knows his stuff!


Historical Fiction

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Heart of Fire: A Novel of the Ancient Olympics

A Mercenary… A Spartan Princess… And Olympic Glory…

When Stefanos, an Argive mercenary, returns home from the wars raging across the Greek world, his life’s path is changed by his dying father’s last wish – that he win in the Olympic Games.

As Stefanos sets out on a road to redemption to atone for the life of violence he has led, his life is turned upside down by Kyniska, a Spartan princess destined to make Olympic history.

In a world of prejudice and hate, can the two lovers from enemy city-states gain the Gods’ favour and claim Olympic immortality? Or are they destined for humiliation and defeat?

Remember… There can be no victory without sacrifice.


A Dragon among the Eagles - A Novel of the Roman Empire

In A.D. 197, Emperor Septimius Severus led one of the largest invasion forces in Rome’s history against the Parthian Empire. Among the men of thirty-three legions is Lucius Metellus Anguis, a young man from an ancient Equestrian family. Against the wishes of his conservative father, Lucius is determined to pursue a career in the military and resurrect the glory of his family name on the battlefield rather than the marble of the Senate. However, as in all conflicts, Lucius’ ideals and his faith are challenged as he witnesses the worst in humanity. As the imperial legions fight their way through Mesopotamia to the Parthian capital of Ctesiphon, Lucius discovers the strength that may well ensure that this young dragon rises from the ranks of Rome’s eagles.