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AJ Eversley is the author of the YA SciFi series WATCHER. A true north Canadian girl, AJ currently lives in Central Alberta with her husband and dog. When she’s not writing, she can be found binge watching Harry Potter, quoting various movies in every day conversation, and eating copious amounts of candy.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Carbon - Book 2 of the Watcher Series

Strangers become allies. Lovers become enemies. And a destiny formed before birth unfolds.

Sawyer spent most of her life hunting the very thing she has now become. No longer the Watcher she once was, Sawyer struggles to make sense of her new identity. Though she now has the powers of a Carbon, she is also tied to the control Coleman has over all of his creations.
Desperate for help and answers, Sawyer travels to the United Isles with Max in search of an ally. Not only must she learn to harness her new abilities, she must find a way to mend a broken heart…if her past doesn’t kill her first.
The epic journey continues, and the war for the human race draws ever closer. Join the resistance in the next chapter of the Watcher Series.


Max - A Watcher Novella

Max wasn’t in Cytos when it fell, but he had his own nightmares to face. He spent 6 years in the forest and came out a changed man. This is his story and these are his struggles.
From the world of Watcher comes this exclusive novella, Max.
Find out how he survived.


Kenzie - A Watcher Novella

Kenzie spent 10 years inside the enemies base. He watched from Sub 9 as Cytos fell, and humanity was destroyed before his very eyes. You may know where he ended up, but you have no idea how it all began. This is his story and these are his struggles.
From the world of Watcher comes this exclusive novella, Kenzie.
Find out where it all began.



Watcher - Book 1 in the Watcher Series

What if you had to choose, who would live and who would die?
Sawyer Russo has sworn to protect humanity, and as a Watcher she’s done just that. But the Bots and Carbons that took her city are evolving, and they are picking the Watchers off one by one. One last rescue mission will change everything. But when someone betrays them, the line between friend and foe is no longer easily drawn. Sawyer made a vow, and she will fulfill it, even if it means ending the person who deceived them, no matter who it might be.
It all comes down to one choice.
Who can she save?
And who does she have to let go?