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Aska J. Naiman read from the cradle, and started writing just a little later. She studied at a number of fine institutions in a number of countries (the quality of which does not need exploring at this juncture).

When she is not writing, she is engaged in a battle to the death with the Italian language or roller-skating around London, often under the rain.

She is primarily interested in transformation. The transformative power of fiction in people's lives, the transformations we all go through as we grow. What happens when you become a werewolf? And when you become a member of the opposite sex sometimes the same way other people sit or stand? We all want something safe, a name, an identity that we can call our own forever. What if the only constant is change? Then the only way to live is to accept it and try and make the changes be what we want them to be.

We also all want to be a little better, a little different than we are, a little more daring and sexier and braver. Maybe we can and maybe we can't, but in books everything is possible and there are no limits.


Teen & Young Adult
Women's Fiction

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The Werewolf's Best Mate

A tough, curvy lawyer with problems at work + her werewolf best friend who will do anything to protect her + pretending to date = an impossible love story!

When she gets a dream internship at a law firm, Elena Gutierrez knows she's hit jackpot. Even better, the firm's head office is in her hometown. But it doesn't last: soon her colleague has turned stalker, and trying to get out of trouble as diplomatically as possible lands her in the arms of an unexpected saviour.
Simon Black's never felt as close to anybody as he does to Elena, but knowing his mate is out there, he can't bring himself to risk their friendship for a relationship that can't last. But when they have to pretend to date to smooth things over with Elena’s boss, he's not sure his own heart will make it through.