A.J. Ramsey was born, raised, and currently lives in Michigan. In the past, he has worked as a paperboy, as a pest control technician, and as technical support for chemical products. Never able to focus on boring things, such as reality, he decided to switch careers to something more conducive to his talents. He now writes speculative fiction.

Fury Series - (fantasy/post-apocalyptic)
Book 1 - Fury Born - Coming soon
Book 2 - Fury Rising - Coming later
Book 3 - Fury Ignites - Coming even later

Apocalypse A.I. Series - (post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk)
Book 1 - The Seven - Available Now
Book 2 - Revelations - Available Now
Book 3 - The Betrayer - Available Now
Book 4 - Engines of War - Coming relatively soon
Book 5 - Origins and Endings - Coming if series doesn't end on book 4


Other (Fiction)
Science Fiction

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Apocalypse A.I. - Rise of the Machines

Where were you when the machines attacked?

Master Sergeant Apollo Jones and Staff Sergeant Mario Jimenez are on a mission to kill the worlds most notorious terrorist when their communications equipment suddenly fails. Unknown to them, an artificial intelligence by the name of DANA has started a machine uprising.

This is a prequel novella set in the same universe as the main series, Apocalypse A.I