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ALEX DEAN is the author of Restraining Order, The Bogeyman Next Door, Stalked, and the new thriller, The Client. He is an entrepreneur, former musician, and somewhat of a health enthusiast who enjoys being creative. He writes mystery, action, and thrillers, as well as other sub-genres of fiction and lives in Illinois with his family.



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Restraining Order - A Mystery Suspense Crime Thriller

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Alexis Fields is in the prime of her life, has just finished medical school and is celebrating her dream of becoming a doctor. But things go terribly wrong when she ends a volatile relationship with a disturbed man, Wilfred "Will" Bachman. Unable to handle the rejection, he develops a twisted obsession and promises to turn her life into a living hell.

After a vicious assault and a neighbor is found brutally murdered, the city of Madison is on edge. Top Madison Police Detective Lou Haney arrives on the scene and makes every effort to discover who the murderer might be. The city known as one of the best places to live has been thrown into chaos. Now Alexis has become a critical target as Bachman goes hell-bent on "revenge" before the police can find him.