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BDSM Bedtime Stories: Her Master's Voice

Alexandra Noir writes what she lives. She's a therapist by day and devoted kinkster by night. She's committed not merely to letting you into her wild imagination but to give you a window into the intense feelings and intimacy that occur in real BDSM relationships.

In Her Master's Voice Mary has always been an obedient wife and her husband, Jason, always gave her what she needed. But as time has gone on Mary has become too complacent in her submission to her husband. He decides to remedy this, and to pass on some of his wisdom to a young friend, Marcus. Between the two of them, they stand a decent chance of putting Mary back her in place.


Cuckqueen Chronicles 3: Peeping Cuckqueen

I love watching my husband with another woman. It isn't that I'm not enough for him, or he isn't enough for me. It's that I love him and love watching another woman please him. Sometimes I get to help proposition and choose the next woman to be with him and sometimes it is a surprise. It is so exciting to watch him with a woman who looks nothing like me. Maybe she is skinnier, or taller, or has larger breasts, or darker skin.

In "Peeping Cuckqueen" Jane has known that her husband has been cheating on her for a long time. Why did she let it go on for so long? Because for reasons she can't even explain she loves thinking about her sexy husband using another woman's body. She finally decides that fantasies aren't enough and tracks them down at a motel so she can watch it all happen.


Cuckold Erotica Bedtime Stories: High Tide

\Josh and Kendra have been vacationing on a tropical island when a hurricane shuts down the entire area. They take up shelter with mysterious local named Philippe. This offers a perfect chance for them to indulge in their favorite hobby, Kendra getting taken by a well endowed stranger, and Josh watching approvingly.


Dominance and Submission Part One: Awakening