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Author Alexis Adaire is a master of scorching-hot romance writing that features strong, intelligent women and breathtakingly sexy men.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Alexis spends her time indoors wrapped in a blanket at her computer, only emerging periodically to refill her coffee mug. Alexis keeps her twisted identity separate from her everyday life; no one knows what debauchery lies behind her violet eyes. She delights in taking her readers to those unspeakable corners of their fantasies they never knew existed.


Historical Romance
Other (Fiction)
Science Fiction

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Probed: The Encounter

Science fiction, alpha male, romance, sex... and tentacles!

Unimpressed and uninspired, Amy Collins was resigned to a life of dating boring men who were mediocre in the bedroom — until a chance meeting with an otherworldly being changed everything. With alpha male shapeshifter Z, Amy discovers pleasures she had never imagined she wanted, but would this visitor to Earth ultimately prove to be more man than she could handle?

Scifi sex and romance have never been this hot and slithery!


Forced to Bloom, Book 1

"Forced to Bloom" is a deliciously steamy BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance.

Rachel Malinsky wasn't certain the ad she was responding to was actually placed by a billionaire. Nor did she know if this man would be interested in her very curvy body. Hell, she wasn't even sure she even wanted to be a submissive to begin with. From the moment he started instructing her to do things that terrified her, though, such as stripping for him on video or exposing a breast in public, she was hooked. Now if she only knew who he was or what he looked like…

"Forced to Bloom" is a sizzling romance that engages the mind as well as arouses passion. A BBW discovers the self-confidence she's always lacked when she decides to submit her curves to the control of a rich, powerful man she's never even met.


The Billionaires' Executive Sweet, Book 1

Exotic travel, expensive clothes, hot sex with five billionaires... who needs love?

Chelsea Broussard's sex life is as hopeless as her dead-end job. After a chance meeting with a wealthy businessman, she's forced to choose between her old status quo and a new mysterious life as a playmate for five alpha billionaire executives — a job that would surely lead her into some extremely exciting and possibly bizarre situations. These wealthy men need a companion to accompany them on their occasional deviant sexual escapades, someone who is as open-minded and adventurous as she is beautiful. And they're willing to pay an absurd amount of money for this short-term position. Chelsea must decide on the spot whether she's willing to go to such extreme lengths to change her dull life.


Sex Education: A Woman's Awakening, Book 1

The temptation to sin and lure of the forbidden can be impossible to ignore.

Rebecca Beiler's recent sexual urges are at odds with her strict religious upbringing. Married at 17 to a sexually repressed man who left her a widow, at age 26 she now finds herself yearning to be taken hard by hot men with sexy, chiseled bodies. When an indiscretion with a neighbor leads to a six-month expulsion from her community, Rebecca attempts to purge herself of her sinful desires by giving into them totally. Unfortunately, each new intoxicating encounter only intensifies her curiosity, creating lustful cravings for physical ecstasy that lead Rebecca to dark recesses of the sexual underground and compel her to do things the likes of which she had never imagined herself capable.



Amber Eberhardt's Halloween gets off to a bad start when a wimpy Dracula shows up to escort her to a Beverly Hills costume party, then takes an unexpectedly sexy turn when her Helen of Troy costume attracts attention from the hyper-masculine King Leonidas from the movie "300." She finds herself alone in a private indoor pool house with the Spartan warrior-king and must decide how far she's willing to go with this incendiary fantasy.

The sexy Halloween party provides the perfect setting for two total strangers to indulge in some steamy historical roleplay. Will Amber give in to the fantasy, submitting to the alpha male King of Sparta's every desire? Will Leonidas lustfully ravish Helen as only a handsome, virile warrior-king can? And what happens when the party's over?