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Charlie Novak

Sweet, fluffy and oh-so-steamy, Alie Nolan brings the heat in this adorable short story that will melt your heart! Best friend's dad plus snowed in plus adorable virgin tropes all add up to create a wonderfully feel-good winter story!

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Russell has an important question to ask Devon. Devon makes a stripper cry. Dylan finds something he isn’t supposed to. And Sebastion officially becomes Dylan’s dad.

Reception is 6K word bonus short story in the Delaney Duo series. It is intended to be read after reading Resolution and Realization, and is not a standalone story.


Search and Find

Wyatt has spent a long time being convinced he will never meet the man of his dreams living in such a tiny village, but when a stranger arrives in Wiltonham in need of his help, he starts to think maybe he was wrong. Wyatt hopes that his new friendship with Adam has the potential to evolve into something more, but what will happen when Adam no longer needs his help?

Adam moved to Wiltonham in search of a fresh start, a new place where he could finally be himself. He didn't expect his new life to start with his dog going missing. Being separated from his beloved pet has him completely heartbroken, but searching for her might help him find everything he's always wanted.


Home Sweet Home

When Elliott finds a young man, eating scraps out of the bins in the alley behind his bakery, he knows he has to do something to help him. With Valentine's Day coming up and a spare bedroom in his flat, he offers the man a place to stay in exchange for help in the bakery. Elliott knows he shouldn't develop feelings for him, but as their friendship blossoms, it becomes more and more difficult to resist.

After spending several months living on the streets, Caleb doesn't expect his luck to change, until a kind stranger offers him the help he needs to get back on his feet. Falling for the wrong person has come between Caleb and an ideal living situation before, and he plans on doing everything he can to not let that happen again.