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Paranormal passion—embrace the night.

Alix Adale writes suspenseful, cathartic romance from the bleeding edge of reality. Her work offers fresh twists on established paranormal themes by drawing inspiration from psychology, horror, true crime, and the occult. Yet in this world of darkness, love can conquer all.



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Vampire Encounter: Paranormal Romance in the Forest of the Night

An online bride trades sparks with a vampire playboy on a train. Can instalove last—or is this a one-bite stand?

She’s an online bride from overseas. He’s a hot-eyed stranger on a train. Looks lead to more as she learns the crimson secret of his dark embrace, but theirs is a love that cannot be. She’s promised to another—one who turns out to be a killer and a beast.

Only her mystery man can save her. Only a kiss from his Undead lips can free her from her this web of deceit. Only his ring can break the spell binding her fate. But how can he save her life when he doesn’t even know her name? Is she doomed to be a Bride of Death—or will love find a way?

This is a short, hot, passionate novella of agony and ecstasy, of danger and destiny, of lust and sorrow within the forest of the night.