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I write quirky, fun, and most of all: SEXY books! I also think margaritas are suitable for most meals, including breakfast.



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Hooking Up

It was just supposed to be a one time hook-up...

When it comes to guys, Kylie Sullivan plays it safe. So when she meets Ethan Hudson at a post game kickback, she's determined not to let him in. She knows all too well how players play. But when Ethan makes her an offer she can't refuse, Kylie agrees to come off the bench, but just this once.

Ethan Hudson might be a professional football player, but he's no player. When he first sets eyes on the fiery strawberry-blond bombshell, he knows he has to have her. Their connection is immediate, and he'll do anything to prove that he's the man for her. But sneaking around with the coach's daughter is no easy feat, and he'll have to do more than just score a touchdown to make it last. He'll have to show Kylie he'd risk everything to keep her.