Amberlyn grew up reading her older sister’s SFF collection and her mother’s category romances so it’s only natural her storytelling leans toward fantasy and paranormal romance.
She currently lives in Northern New York where her writing schedule, and life, revolve around the whims of her dog. When not catering to a demanding terrier or getting lost in books, she enjoys crafting, watching football and hockey, and hanging out with her husband.



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Kiss The Dragon

Baird's no mermaid. But this Sea Clan dragonshifter feels like a fish out of water when he braves the land kingdom of Ardell to stop a war before it starts.

For 400 years, a tenuous treaty kept peace between the dragonshifters of Ardell and those of the insular Sea Clan.

Until Baird, youngest son of the Clan Chief, stumbles over a trespasser and chases the thief back to Ardell. Hiding in plain sight among enemies, Baird is determined to put things right before the breach plunges his clan into war.

Unable to shift into dragon form, Riona, princess of Ardell, is a pariah. Worse, by law and tradition, she's forbidden from taking the throne. To protect her kingdom from political upheaval, she must marry. Soon.

An accidental meeting leads to complications neither can afford.