Andrew loves to read and write science fiction. He is captivated by manned spaceflight in particular. He easily extrapolates technologies into the future, keeping his books well-grounded in the hard sci-fi tradition. (This is why the great A.C. Clarke is his greatest influence.) But, his greatest love as a writer is people. Weird, fearful, funny, angry people. He aims to create human stories wrapped in science fiction. Combine this with suspenseful plots and great pacing, and this is a recipe for fantastic, original works. May you enjoy them all!


Science Fiction

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Zara's Flight

Zara Sasake-Robbins is left orphaned when her billionaire industrialist father Kato takes off on a solo mission to leave the Solar System. But when she learns that his arch rival Seung Yi has sabotaged Kato's ship and he will die, gasping for breath, Zara must find a way to save him. Her only chance is to steal Seung Yi's 250-billion dollar spaceship, the Dawn, and use its amazing speed to chase Kato down in deep space. Can Zara, with no spaceflight experience, pull off the greatest heist in history, save her father, and even the score?


Annihilation: The Relissarium Wars Space Opera Series, Book 1

The entire planet Relisse will burn within days...

Theo, a struggling farmer on the planet Relisse, gets by on selling crops--until he gets too greedy.

A small-time smuggling gig to help feed his children turns into a murderous double-cross. Now, he's got a price on his head. Theo's forced to find some powerful--and dangerous--friends. Fast.

The deal doesn't seem bad: in exchange for protection, Theo only has to help the Carbonari rebels mine rare minerals for their war with another faction. But when a deadly third player joins the battle, they hit hard: Theo sees his entire planet burn before his eyes! Now, Theo's got nothing left but revenge, and he'll take his vengeance all the way to the emperor himself!



Kato's War

Kato Sasake-Robbins and his daughter Zara have been brought back from the edge of existence, to human civilization in the 24th century. Asleep in the depths of space for hundreds of years, they are now on Mars with no idea who they are or how they got there. Someone else remembers, though: Seung Yi, their nemesis, who has followed them through time. He and his army of thousands will stop at nothing to avenge her theft of his $250 billion-dollar spacecraft. Kato and Zara must run to Earth, with minds that barely work, navigating a society changed beyond their recognition. Can they stay alive long enough to recover their identities?


The Cosmic Bullet: The Enigma Series, Part One

What secrets lie in the cold depths of space…?

Entering our solar system, the Enigma is just that: a mystery. The vast alien object, ten times the size of a nuclear submarine, is a complete unknown. But Storm Kovacs, a space salvage company owner, knows one thing: the Enigma is the answer he’s been waiting for. With the immense titanium exterior worth its weight in gold, Storm knows that plundering the spacecraft is the only way to provide for his daughter and keep her safely out of the hands of her mother’s verbally abusive lover.

But even determination finds an enemy in ambition…

As a brilliant scientist for NASA, Drew Kovacs has a successful life, built on accomplishment. But it’s not enough. Hell-bent on getting his name in the history books to satisfy a deep sense of childhood ina



Broken Angel

Xandrie Kovak has given up the life of a commando for a quiet life in the suburbs, when her house explodes. Jan Sevcik, a man she left for dead, is back, and he wants revenge. Choking memories of war flood back as death closes in, but she must fight it and run for her life, through the vast vertical city of New Chicago. She takes refuge in the rat-infested underworld beneath the city, where she finds the unlikeliest friend, and finds the courage to face down Jan Sevcik.



Drone Man

Should one man be judge, jury and executioner?

Reeling from the death of his sister at the hands of a gangbanger, Lee Savage plots the perfect crime: hunt and kill the perpetrator with an armed drone. Scouring the inner city from the air, can he cope with the diabolical situations he finds along the way, and will he pull the trigger on the man responsible?


The Extinction Switch

Young Kassandra Nishimura is an heiress to trillions of dollars. While she is relaxing with friends, six billion people are instantly exterminated on the other side of the planet. Seung Yi, a despot thought to be long dead, is back. Through the use of a self-replicating artificial virus called the extinction switch, he will wipe out all life on Earth unless humanity cedes the entire planet Mars, with all its cities, to him within six months.

Kassandra’s grandfather Kato, Seung Yi's arch rival, must successfully launch a counterattack before the clock runs out. This will require a weapon of unprecedented size. Meanwhile, society disintegrates around Kassandra and friends, who are now trapped on Earth. Kassandra falls from the very top of society to being a starving refugee. She and her f




Jason has spent his whole life looking out of the windows of Pod 43. One day, using an illegal homemade telescope, he sees humans outside. Why has Pod Command lied to them that outside is uninhabitable? Jason is determined to escape--an offense punishable by death--if he can get past the Guards.


Lost Colony Series preview

Sometimes the darkness we fear… is our own…

Despite the reputation as a brilliant and dedicated space engineer, John Rees is certain he is not the man everyone thinks he is. Haunted by the death of his father and one fatal decision that questions his morality; he doubts he will have a chance to redeem himself for a past he cannot escape.

But when 100 colonists go missing on an alien planet, John sees his chance to prove once and for all that one decision doesn’t create a monster. Can John and the crew of the Atlas struggle to survive the near-total malfunction of their power and navigation systems, evidence that a strange alien race intercepted the colonists, and even a near-impossible jump through hundreds of meters of solid rock?