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Andrew C. Jaxson writes stories that scare, intrigue and (hopefully) move his readers. He works across genres, although his novels may be best described as Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Thrillers (phew!). He's worked a litany of jobs, from wedding DJ to teacher to youth worker and even a very brief and horrifying stint as a street salesman. He hates referring to himself in the third person, because it makes him sound pretentious.


Teen & Young Adult

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The Dark Unseen

Enter the world of the Unseen with this gripping prequel novella, the official introduction to the Unseen series.

Hud and his friends are camping in the mountains to celebrate finally finishing school. Tonight, he can finally make his move on the girl he’s been in love with for four long years. But something lurks in the darkness, something Hud has encountered before and can't quite remember. When tragedy strikes, the night turns to chaos, and Hud makes a terrifying and world-shattering discovery. As the teens run for their lives, old memories resurface, and an impossible evil will reveal itself.