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The Buried Ladies series (Buried Ladies, Scars of the Past, and 1 more) are the first fiction written by Angela Hausman since creating a highly acclaimed (by fellow 6th graders, teachers, and family) science fiction series as a teen.

Dr. Angela Hausman was born in McKeesport, Pennsylvania and later received undergraduate and MBA degrees from the University of Pittsburgh before completing a Marketing PhD at the University of South Florida. Over her career, she lived in many places and met diverse people, which she filed away to create her plots and characters.

Angela currently lives in Washington, DC, where she works as a marketing consultant and teaches marketing at George Washington. She writes in her home office, where various dogs and cats block her in until she's finished the day's writing quota.



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Buried Ladies: A Novel of Murder, Mystery, and the Dark Web

Some men are just evil. And, when Joan calls 911 to report the murder of her friend, Estella, she starts a manhunt for pure evil, but not in the way she expected.

Buried Ladies, tracks a serial killer on both sides of the US-Mexican border. But, he’s not even the evilest man in this novel of murder and the dark web. That title might belong to Arturo Vasquez, who once loved Estella, but now holds her hostage as part of a cartel operation that nearly ends the lives of her husband and Joan when they try to rescue her. Or is it Hector Mateo, who runs the Gulf Cartel using a cruel form of justice that eliminates an enemy’s entire family. Maybe it’s even Detective Morales, who has a single-minded focus that makes it impossible to accept evidence unless it supports the suspect he’s chasing.