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I have always been passionate about Women's Health and Wellness in general so as my friends and I are going through the menopause together it was decided that as I am also very passionate about helping people it would make great sense to write a book on "Menopause." I have covered a vast area of all symptoms and causes, there is plenty of information on HRT, natural alternatives to HR, herbs, supplements and much more. It is very easy to read and understand with no diversions. I actually wrote it on behalf of the very many Ladies out there - who are looking for a simpler read with lots of useful information on all areas of the menopause and beyond. I am still going through the pre-menopause at the age of 50 and actually began "the change" when I was 39 years young. I have worked with many doctors and read masses of medical knowledge over the years and have a wealth of information to share. I also cover the topic on "bio-identical hormones" which is a very interesting subject.

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