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Anita Blackmann is a prolific author of black male/white female interracial erotica. Though she has led a storied life, including a ten-year stint in Hollywood, she draws her inspiration not only from her own experiences, but those of others, as well as images, and random thoughts.



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Ask Him

It's a hot night at the club and she has only one question... Is it true what they say about black guys? Goaded by her BFF, Gala, she gets up the courage to ask the hot black guy she's been eyeing for the last twenty minutes. It does not go well, not at all. "Crashed and burned," is her report back to Gala. But as the night goes on and things heat up, she can't stop thinking about him. When he catches her looking, just one time too many, she plows through the crowd to the women's restroom. Deciding to take home a nice young white guy she's been dancing with as a backup, she opens the door to find the hot black guy standing there. This time around, things go better. Much, much better! "Ask Him" is a fiery tale of interracial lust, for adults only.