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Women's Fiction

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Teaching Tori

30-year old teacher Tori Munro has put up with her principal’s bullying for so long, she is surprised when Tom, a visiting adviser to her school, turns into an ally she doesn’t really want.
Despite her efforts to keep him at an arm’s length, he manages to gain her trust and a tender relationship starts to form.
A future with Tom looks certain until Tori walks away after a simple misunderstanding. When she recognises her mistake, it is too late to win him back.
After weeks of misery, Tori takes to the hills of Central Otago to clear her head. High up in the tussock country she loves so much, she realises that it is time to move on.
The decision comes as a relief, but a sudden weather change gives Tori little time to dwell on it.
Will Tori ever make it home safely to put it into action?


Teaching Tom

Tom has everything he ever wanted, and it is all down to one person - Tori. But when tragedy strikes, the dream soon turns into a nightmare that Tom has mainly brought upon himself. The love they both deemed unshakeable is severely tested. Ravaged by guilt and grief, and unable to meet the ever-increasing needs of his family, he desperately tries to reach out for the one he loves the most. But Tori is fighting her own demons, unable to forgive, finding out painful truths about her beloved late mother that make her own decisions so much harder to follow through.
As both try to find their own way to heal from their hurt, one question remains unanswered – is the rift that has grown between them too big to overcome?