I have a great passion for words and writing of all kinds. Fiction novel writing is a much loved form of relaxation for me. The characters I create all have a special place in my heart, with their individuality and quiet presence of strength. The toughest things I've written have been the books where a character has died. Sometimes that feels like a friend has been lost...

Keep watching this space as the books available will keep changing at least once a month. Now and then you'll see one of my regular for-general-sale-everywhere books pop into here. Now and then you'll catch a glimpse of a book that has been written ONLY for release on Instafreebie. Keep checking back - you never know what literary surprises you might see on this page!


Historical Romance
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Knight of Desire

~~Knight of Desire is a simple old-fashioned short-read romance. There is no adult content or violence in this story.

Cecily, Azura and Maynard have grown up together from childhood. In many ways they've always felt equal ... except for Maynard being a prince, that is. After her two closest friends find each other in love and then marriage, taking on the ruling of a kingdom, Cecily finds herself questioning if love is in her future. Over time, it becomes apparent that she certainly has caught someone's eye. He is a knight and he is known to be a rogue, but can the handsome Sir Henry capture the fair heart of Cecily, and push her fears aside?