A.R. Arias is a freelance writer/graphic designer. His rendezvous with the apocalypse is undeniably a part of his heart and soul.

"A real apocalypse simply cannot be denied. As a writer, my mission is to present a variety of plausible futuristic scenarios in the most entertaining way possible from my point of view, through my characters. Everything else is up to the reader's imagination."

I'm having a blast writing this trilogy. I hope you'll enjoy reading these books just as much as I enjoy writing them.

I bid you peace.


Science Fiction
Women's Fiction

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Edge Of The Apocalypse - Girl With A Broken Heart - Survival Mode

A heartbreaking story of survival, second chances, and the power of love.

Andrea Estrella never had reason to think of herself as some sort of freakish cyborg. That is, until she survives an IED explosion that turns her into an oddity to behold.

Join Andrea as she traverses an American post-apocalyptic wasteland in the year 2157, that offers little hope against her chances of survival in more ways than one.

Certainly, Andrea's unexpected relationship, her purpose, and her ultimate sacrifice, goes far beyond what her broken heart, and ours, can ever explain.

Sometimes, mind-blowing life choices truly are . . . stranger than fiction.