Star sign Gemini, Asher is a raging introvert content with shirking social life for solitude. In the days, Asher can be found sleeping in a dark box of a room, come night to rise fresh, thirsty to devise convoluted plots during the witching hour. Asher is a soul of many talents and passions, which usually pull hither and thither like waves under the full moon. Among them are Chess and Cricket and Gaming. Asher is a high-tier lyricist, poet, and teacher of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

My writing journey has been a rough one. Like most authors, I've struggled to get eyeballs viewing my body of work. The aforementioned introversion renders me hopelessly awkward with the magic mantle of social media. However, it is a struggle I am willing to endure since writing is my number one passion. The motivation is telling tales that entertain/resonate with as many people as possible, not primarily financial gain (although that would be nice :) The night my corpse is planted in the ground like a seedling, my enduring spirit shall animate my skeleton, using the bones as a quill to tell a final tale. Asher's style merges fantasy, horror, and sci-fi elements into a delightful hybrid.


Teen & Young Adult

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