Star sign Gemini, Asher is a raging introvert content with shirking social life for solitude. In the days, Asher can be found sleeping in a dark box of a room, come night to rise fresh, thirsty to devise convoluted plots during the witching hour. Asher is a soul of many talents and passions, which usually pull hither and thither like waves under the full moon. Among them are Chess and Cricket and Gaming. Asher is a high-tier lyricist, poet, and teacher of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

My writing journey has been a rough one. Like most authors, I've struggled to get eyeballs viewing my body of work. The aforementioned introversion renders me hopelessly awkward with the magic mantle of social media. However, it is a struggle I am willing to endure since writing is my number one passion. The motivation is telling tales that entertain/resonate with as many people as possible, not primarily financial gain (although that would be nice :) The night my corpse is planted in the ground like a seedling, my enduring spirit shall animate my skeleton, using the bones as a quill to tell a final tale. Asher's style merges fantasy, horror, and sci-fi elements into a delightful hybrid.


Teen & Young Adult

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Bonds of Chrome Magic

The ringed world of the Triskai is only a hair's breadth above the lawless underworld where the demons, the undead, and the damned roam under the government of chaos. They seek to enter the heaven of the human world—a world free from the oppression of black magic. 

Sybel is the last Seer left in the Triskai, and what a terrible time to be alive! She's pregnant with a prophecy she's loath to bear—the apocalyptic merging of the underworld with the Triskai. Sybel dreams of a land of dried bones, rivers of blood, and souls ripped from flesh wandering in a world without salvation.

She tries in vain to convince herself the premonitions are part of her delusion. But the Sun is already blackening, the moon a crimson shell.


Vampires of Twilight Castle

War threatens to erupt in the moonstruck city of Nocteraia. Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches roam the bloody streets seeking allies and vengeance alike, each seeking to exterminate the other in a quest to rule the soul-rich city.

Driven by her mother's sudden disappearance, a mournful Kaia joins the Witches' Fraternity of Nocteraia. Peculiarly, they already know who she is, most having an annoying obsession with her blood-red hair. Spurred by the witches' promise of reclaiming her mother from whoever had kidnapped her, Kaia embarks on the deadly vampire hunting missions—braved only by the highest-ranked members. However, a savage turn of events shatters her world when she goes alone to spy on a Lycan festival in the heart of the forest.


Binds of Silver Magic

Following a harrowing few months at Candentis Academy, Sam and his friends have been accepted into the otherworldly NOX REGIA magical school of Sorcery and Metaphysics. Being members of the BLOOD QUINTET, the five children are burdened with the impossible expectation of saving the Triskai from prophesied destruction. But they have to stand united, which proves difficult as murderous forces work to pit them against each other. Consequently, Tony, one of the five, winds up at the gothic IMAJINAEREUM school of mentalism, a rival magical school that teaches forbidden magic. As a dark god stirs beneath, how will the five fight the rising darkness in order to save the world, even as one among them cracks under the pressure?


Souls of Dark Magic

The third instalment in the Blood Quintet Series, “Souls of Dark Magic” delivers a riveting continuation of the cliffhanger ending of "Binds of Silver Magic".

After being tricked into leaving the magical haven of Nox Regia, Sam and his friends re-enter their community of Hargreave Hollow only for tragedy to strike immediately. However, the ill-fated friends barely have time to mourn as they find the place shrouded in deep, preternatural darkness. Furthermore, every non-magical being is either missing, or dead. All of these occurrences point to one thing: the apocalyptic Veil Rapture has begun, and its symptoms match Seer Sybel’s prophecy to the devilish detail.